by Chelsea Lee

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This record was not born to be perfect. Here it lies; a vulnerable representation of impurity and emotion one embraces through melancholy.
As artists, we tend to struggle with heightened levels of emotion and sorrow, whilst creating artwork to best display our state of mind and heartache against the scrutiny of others. Nothing is meant to be completely perfect, yet we are expected to mask our flaws and present a golden set of morals. This album is an open window into my mind.
Each composition exposes a vein of relentless heartbreak, paired with a sound of both darkness and susceptibility. Thom Yorke once spoke, 'I cannot write what I do not know', and that is something I completely agree with.
'MIDNIGHT COWBOY' inhabits an outlaw personality, which follows no rules.


released June 1, 2018

Will Vinson, Django Rowe, Dylan Kuerschner, Angus Mason, WizardTone Studios, James Brown, Jarrad Payne, Helpmann Academy.


all rights reserved



Chelsea Lee Adelaide, Australia


'Betty Carter's Jazz Ahead' residency program in Washington, D.C.

Helpmann Academy's 'Top Jazz Voice Undergraduate'


Graduated Jazz Performance; First Class Honours


Helpmann Academy's 'Mike Stewart Memorial Award' recipient


New York City mentorship and study

'MIDNIGHT COWBOY' album release and tour


New York City mentorship, recording and performance
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Track Name: A Strange Evil
Track Name: Bittersweet (feat. Will Vinson)
Bittersweet turn of affairs
Turns my eyes crimson with despair.
How your love harrows me.
Bittersweet pain in disguise
Taunts my heart with every kiss goodbye.
How your love makes me blue,
as I hang upside down in hopes that you leave me,
lonesome in misery, bitter and sweet for you.
Track Name: Dark Violet Dream
Nightmares always greet me
with a heart torn in two.
I realise it's me, yearning for you.
Never to awaken from this dark violet dream,
for I'm all tangled up in a world where your love
tortures me.

Never to awaken from this dark violet dream,
for I'm all tangled up in a world where your love
tortures me to a cinder;
Dark as night, without a moon to linger.
When the rain falls upon me,
I am drenched in all my melancholy.
Track Name: The Dog Has Thorns
The smile on my face,
is as cold as the ground,
for the dog in my mind,
is as dark as the night will allow.

I'm drowning all the time,
Wrapped underneath a twisted vine.
Thorns pull at my paper skin,
forcing thoughts within to my troubled mind,
that I can't seem to leave behind.
Track Name: Jewelweed (feat. Will Vinson)
Of all the times you tried,
to poison my mind green with Ivy,
I ran through clover fields,
so you wouldn't see me cry.

Jewelweed was the cure;
A solvable fix for the blindness
you poured on all the leaves
that you gave to me with a smile;
so beguiling to me.

To Jewelweed, I'm immune,
for you turned my heart into Ivy.
Track Name: My Lover
In the evening,
my lover holds me closely,
and tells me that he loves me;
that he's the one they envy,
for my kisses belong to him only.

Although lately,
my lover leaves me sleeping
alone with my own weeping;
a melancholy being;
a sad and hopeless fool in greeting.

At first I couldn't see,
why he left me be;
Couldn't figure what went wrong.
For every time I tried to find him,
all traces that he left, were gone.

As it turns out,
my lover was a figment
of my imagination;
a clinical sensation;
a magical hallucination.
Track Name: Yorke Light
Yorke Light is the one,
he will pull heart strings with a thumb.
Love cannot compare, to the elastic affair
of his world.

Yorke Light bares a flame,
he will burn expectation's game.
Bound up in a spell, from the illusion
I fell into his arms.

I fell over his charms;
Burnt from the light,
left with a scar;
Yorke Light, you are.
Track Name: Midnight Cowboy

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